At African Institute for Research and Sustainable Development our programmes are developed in collaboration with communities we work in. Our programmes are specifically designed to address the needs of our communities and they include

Health for all Programme
The health for all is an innovative programme that integrates proven public health strategies, which are aimed at addressing primary health care needs of communities we work in.  This programme includes using evidence and human rights-based programming, partnerships, systems strengthening and medical response to public health concerns.
Our livelihoods, our future Programme
Our livelihood, our future programme is aimed at addressing inequalities in terms of access to services that will ensure sustainable livelihoods. The programme uses strategies and projects that improves skills and economical stability of the community we work in in particular the economic status of key populations such as Women, Girls, Gays, Transgender and Intersex persons by introducing them to our entrepreneur and incubation projects. The programme also looks at sustainable ways of building communities and systems. The programme also looks at advocating for legal and policy enactment, which is supportive of Sustainable development Goals (SDG).
Education for Sustainable life Programme
Education for Sustainable life Programme is one of our strategic programmes were accredited courses are provided to individuals from historically disadvantaged communities.  The accredited Sustainable courses are strategically developed to ensure that graduates are also able to develop their communities after completing the courses while sustaining their livelihoods. Leading Universities and awards bodies across Africa accredits the programmes. The courses are available in various modes such as face-to-face, block release, online and distance learning modes. All courses are available as short courses, Further education and training certificates courses, Post Graduate Diploma and Masters degree courses